“Fighting the predators in deep waters”


“Fighting the predators in deep waters”

Jigging in deep waters were quite exciting

Both slow and fast jigging in deep waters were quite exciting. For slow jigging we chose lures between 200-260 grams, and for fast jigging we opted for 250-400 gram lures. As the trip progressed, most of us preferred the heavier lures, which reached the chosen depth faster and allowed for more effective presentation in the currents of these waters.

Amberjack attacks were constant, and there was a hit on every jig lure thrown into the water. Fighting the predator from those depths was very emotional, especially for those of us who used slow jigging equipment.

We were surprised

Some of us rested after bringing out a few fish before taking the jigging rods again, aiming for the next hit. We were also pleasantly surprised by the extremely good specimens of Rusty Jobfish and Two-Spot Red Snapper on fast jigging and Emperor on slow jigging.

Our friends’ desire was to organize a jigging and popping trip for them. We planned to alternate: one day jigging and one day popping. 

When we changed the jigging sites, we checked the activity of top water predators with light casting rods and lures. There were many aggressive Mahi-Mahi attacking the casting.

What we caught

We caught four Mahi-Mahi between five and eight kilograms, but continued on to the jigging areas because this size of fish was small for us. The many species we caught: Amberjack, Rusty Jobfish, Two-Spot Red Snapper, Emperor, Mahi-Mahi, King Mackerel, Barrakuda, Yellowfin Tuna and several species of groupers and snappers, have left unforgettable memories in us.

The other part of our fishing trip was casting with hard topwater lures. We used poppers and stickbait lures weighing up to 180 grams. Casting in shallow water requires extremely strong casting equipment and sometimes it is very difficult to fight the predator in these conditions. Monster size Giant Trevally is a predator chased by many anglers, but by no means easy to catch, especially if it’s a trophy size.

The Giant Trevally

We caught one Giant Trevally with an extremely good size, three more weighing between 10-15 kilograms, King Mackerel and an exotic Trigger fish on hard topwater lures. We also caught two Giant Trevallys between 20-25 kilograms on trolling. Unfortunately, we lost five wonderful fish on popper and stick bait lures.

The PE9 line was not strong enough for the impressive fight against the monster size Giant Trevally. Next time we will make small adjustments to our equipment to catch our dream fish.

Stanislav Bazhdarov - Tanzania

Stanislav Bazhdarov


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