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Tanzania Fishing

Tanzania is a mainly tropical country that boasts many types of flora and fauna and a diverse topography. It is warm year round, with rainy seasons from early March to late May. The dry season is from January to February and June to October, with clear skies and plenty of sunshine.

Our resort is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, south of the administrative capital of Dar es Salaam, tucked into a mangrove forest.


The mangrove forests in Tanzania create a magical atmosphere. The wood of the mangrove trees has been an important part of local Tanzanian culture and has been used domestically and exported for many years. Additionally, many foods are found in brackish water along the mangrove roots such as crabs, shellfish, oysters and snails to octopus, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and fish.

These beautiful, unique wetlands also provide an important breeding ground for many types of fish. High amounts of nutritious bacteria provides food for growing youngsters and the roots offer protection from predators until the fish are ready to survive on the reefs or in open water.

Recently, the conservation of mangrove forests has become a key issue in Tanzania.


The coast of Tanzania offers a variety of depths that are rich in big-game fish including Giant Trevally, Dogtoth tuna, Yellow Fin tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish and many more.

Despite their offerings, Tanzania’s coast remains a hidden gem for fisherman with less crowding and more pristine water than other more popular destinations. This gives you the opportunity to have an amazing fishing experience.

Friendly Locals

The locals in Tanzania tend to be friendly, wanting to share their food, drinks, and culture. For the most part, Tanzanians are polite, modest, and somewhat formal.


Most people in Tanzania speak English and Swahili in addition to local languages.

 EXPERIENCE</br> <strong> TANZANIA WITH US</strong>


Picking you up from the airport and taking you to our luxury resort, Tanzania Extreme Fishing can offer you a sample of Tanzania in a safe, friendly environment.

  • Local food and drinks
  • Experienced, local captains
  • Beautiful mangrove forest
  • Locally sourced materials

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Ivan Ivanov | BULGARIA

UNFORGETTABLE experiences!

OCT 27

Thank you for unforgettable experiences!

Ivan Ivanov | BULGARIA

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See YOU again!

OCT 27

Thank you my friends! See you again!

Krasimir Balushev | BULGARIA

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A truly GREAT place!

OCT 27

Awesome fishing and relax!

Volen Ganchev | BULGARIA

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Tanzania offers many new experiences.

If you want an unforgettable fishing adventure combined with luxury relaxation and a taste of local culture, let us be your host.

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